The Forgotten Body Remembers


WDNLISplendidIsolation-69The forgotten body remembers is a moevement based practice that explores embodied knowing: tacit and inate. This work draws from a particular set of research questions about our relationship with landscape, attempting to understand and interpret through a knowledge medium – the body – that creates a different set of insights on human-non/human interaction.

How does body memory work? How do we accumulate and access memory in our body? As a practice I create scores that allow for accumulated inate knowledge to be accessed and performed. We, as audience participants, witness the unfolding of heritage buried in the body.

What season effects the body in what ways? Winter produces a slower metabolic process in the body, an exploration of fallowness; the autumn is the time of great seeding and decay, and the body is preparing and dying simultaneously; in spring there is riotous growth under ground with roots spreading deep and wide and in this month the body is restless and full of potential energy; in the summer everything is alive and in bloom and the body is very energetic and alive.

In the studio and /or outdoors I use state/of/being exercises that evoke the elements of that season and the memories that reside in that ecology to stimulate the body to move with this inate tacit knowing; the knowledge already inside of me, forgotten until awakened through focused attention. I have altered something by focusing attention on these forgotten places; I have become more embodied, I am in relationship to the landscape I am working with/in; I have been attuned to this place and temporality. I have located this knowledge/memory to an engram inside of my body/mind. I become more embodied as I remember.